Motionlogger ActFAST Analysis Software
ActFAST Analysis Software is a combination of Action W-2 and an expression of performance based on the FAST SAFTE model. It allows the user to record and score sleep and more, as well as demonstrate how sleep quality affects one’s performance.

Open Pleth System
The Open Pleth System is a portable open plethysmography system for horses with Equine Flowmetrics™ Software. The device provides a test for airway hyper-reactivity and a means for diagnosing Inflammatory Airway Disease in the field.
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MicroMini- Motionlogger and Family of Sensors
Investigate sleep assessment questions using single sensors, which together with the MicroMini-Motionlogger activity monitor, allow for multi-parameter data collection. Up to 7 data channels for sleep assessment to choose from. All Wireless! Each sensor weighs a half-ounce and is just an inch in diameter by under a half-inch thick. Each sensor records for 22 days.
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ADHD Diagnostic Service  
This actigraph-based service is now available to parents and physicians. 
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New Software
Action4:  Windows version of AMI's popular Action3 software package for circadian rhythm and research data analysis.

ACTMe: Windows program for initializing and downloading AMI actigraphs and viewing AMI format files.

Periodic Leg Movement Analysis Software add-on to Action-W using the method developed by Geisler further expands the clinical utility of Motionlogger actigraphs.

Data file Compatibility among AMI's major software programs (ACT2000, Action-W, Action4) using AMI's multi-channel file format.