Pain Management

Sleep, daytime activity levels, and circadian rhythm are important components of health and well being. Pain and fatigue caused by illness and disease treatment have an effect on these physiological patterns. In cancer, for example, a properly entrained circadian rhythm has been determined to be a strong prognostic factor in the rate of survival.

Actigraphy provides a non-intrusive, innovative means of recording long-term data on sleep, wake activity, and circadian rhythm. It is also a valuable quantitative indicator of the effects of pain and fatigue on these aspects of physiology, and it may be used for evaluating the efficacy of intervention strategies.

Our line of Motionlogger Actigraphs contains a wide range of models including the Motionlogger SLEEP WATCH with time-of-day display and capability for the wearer to input his or her self-perception of pain, fatigue or any subjective impression, while simultaneous motor activity recording takes place.