MicroMini-Motionlogger and Family of Sensors

Wireless single sensor units which, together with the Micro-Mini Motionlogger Actigraph, allow multi-parameter data collection downloaded all with a common Interface and integrated in ACTION4 software. On the subject, in the room and under the bed....Here's how the MicroMini Family of Sensors can enhance your actigraphic sleep studies:

1)      The MicroMini Motionlogger¨ is the culmination of actigraphic technology that is the industry standard. Measure either frequency or intensity of movement, with over 3 weeks of recording time.  High sensitivity means movements within sleep can be used to document restless sleepers.

2)      Validated sleep scoring algorithms in study after study Motionloggers have consistently produced the highest correlation with polysomnographically scored sleep.

3)      Distal Temperature Measurement First described over 10 years ago, the distal temperature rise that occurs during sleep onset can now be easily recorded (4¡C temperature rise shown above) with a MicroMini Temperature sensor on the ankle!

4)      Bed Temperature Taped to the ankle in the above example, it's clear that the bed temperature rise precedes the distal temperature rise. 

5)      Room Temperature is a key ingredient in sleep hygiene.  Record it easily from the nightstand!

6)      Room Light Levels Lights on and off can be documented, and make certain the room is dark enough for sleeping great for shift work studies!

7)      Ambient Sound Levels Snoring bed partner causes a subject to awaken (see above).

8)      Mattress channel helps determine time in bed.  A MicroMini Motionlogger in high sensitivity mode is placed under the mattress (dubbed the Princess and the Pea method) for determining time in bed (9).  Note above that awakenings that result in leaving the bed can be discerned.

Light Sensor
Records only ambient light with a 1 part in 256 resolution and a range of 0-4,096 LUX. 32K memory allows for 27 days of light recording.

Temperature Sensor

Single sensor to collect skin or ambient temperature. 0.1¼C resolution

Sound Sensor

Records environmental sound