Medical & Clinical Studies

Many medical and clinical studies incorporating actigraphy into the protocol are cited in the literature. COPD patients are, for example, poor sleepers. Actigraphy can document arousals due to disruptions such as cough, periodic leg movement, and apnea (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), physicians can test remedial action -- such as sleep hygiene, short afternoon naps, hot baths to induce sleep, and daylight or light therapy in the evening to prevent falling asleep too early.

Our anaylsis software can quantify and graphically display the degree of sleep fragmentation.

Actigraphy, by means of AMI’s Motionlogger Actigraph System, can easily document objective physical activity in patients with obstructive pulmonary disease. Average daily physical activity, as measured by actigraphy, correlates significantly with pulmonary function and perceived health status. Daily ambulatory physical monitoring may become an important measure of outcome in patients with COPD (Form, P.L., Westerman, J. H. Abstract 291, ACCP, San Antonio, 1995.) The frequency of awakening in asthma patients, as measured by actigraphy, can be used as a guide to the adjustment of drug dosage and the frequency of interventions.