Fatigue and inadequate sleep are a deadly combination for truckers and other workers whose performance and job safety are contingent upon alertness! A combination of the Octagonal Motionlogger SLEEP WATCH and PVT-192 reaction time measurement device provide a cost effective means to objectively document sleep patterns and daytime alertness.

In addition, fatigue caused by illness as well as disease treatment have an effect on a patient's sleep, daytime activity, and circadian rhythm - all of which are important physiological components of well-being. Our Motionloggers provide a simple, yet sophisticated means to record subjects' long-term sleep, wake, and circadian rhythm patterns; and out Octogonal Motionlogger SLEEP WATCH, which was developed as a result of an NCI Phase I grant to study the effects of chemotherapy of fatigue, provides the means to simultaneously record the wearer's self-impression of fatigue as well. As a result of this study (reported in the Phase I final Report "Development of a Fatigue Assessment Sleep/Activity Monitor"), a relationship has been found between subjective fatigue estimations and motor activity recordings with a correlation of r=0.495.