Environmental Monitoring

Environmental factors such as ambient light, sound, and temperature can important determinants of sleep quality and quantity. In addition, the effects of these factors are of important concern in settings such as nursing homes, nuclear homes, nuclear power plants, and air traffic control stations. A sound sensor paired with an actigraph make a powerful tool to assess the sleep disturbances suffered by people living near airport flight paths.

Our Family of MicroMini-Motionloggers provide an innovative, wireless means to record and document the motor activity patterns of subjects in their natural environment while parameters such as sound, ambient temperature, and light are simultaneously recorded. Sensors to determine "time in" and "time out" of bed and distal temperature as it relates to sleep onset are also available.

Alternatively, our Environmental Telemeter System records and transmits information regarding the ambient light, temperature, and noise in a particular environment to a receiver, which logs the data to a specific file. (Unlike the Family of Micro's, motor activity recording is not included as past of this system.)