ADHD Diagnostic Service

Ambulatory Monitoring, Inc., in cooperation with Dr. Martin Teicher, is offering an actigraphic diagnostic service for children suspected of having ADHD. This service, which involves the child in question wearing a small belt-worn Motionlogger Actigraph that measures activity for a period of three full days, provides the long-term monitoring necessary to differentiate ADHD from other conditions, which may also manifest hyperactivity. A pre-initialized Motionlogger Actigraph is provided with a diary to be completed by the child and parents; and after the 3-day recording period the Motionlogger is returned to AMI in a pre-paid mailer. The recorded data is then analyzed by Dr. Martin Teicher employing techniques that have been used in numerous scientific studies (see references below); and the results and interpretation are supplied directly to the referring physician.

Who can access this service?
Your physician can access this service. You will need to supply your contact information along with that of your physician, and AMI will contact your physician and arrange for the test.

Who pays for this service?
At the moment there is no direct insurance reimbursement for this service although parents may submit charges to their insurance carriers. Call AMI (1-800-341-0066) or e-mail us for prices. Once your physician is alerted and a test has been arranged, parents will be contacted for payment by credit card.

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Selected References to Dr. Teicher's work on ADHD and actigraphy:

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