AMI’s MOTIONLOGGERS document movement characteristics that can contribute useful adjunct information for diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. Sleep characteristics, particularly sleep onset time variations, have been found to be different from normal controls (see article by Gruber, Sadeh and Raviv). MICRO-MINI Motionloggers are particularly suitable for pre-schoolers, i.e. waterproof and lightweight. In currently funded NIH studies, AMI’s Feedback "Motionlogger Buzzbee" Actigraphs are being used to explore the value of signaling to the children when they are excessively active.

Suspected contributing factors in ADHD, such as co-existing conditions, can be documented in multi-day actigraphic recordings and analyzed by experts.

Diagnostic service available
In cooperation with Dr. Martin Teicher of Harvard University, AMI now provides an ADHD diagnostic service. Click here for more information.