The versatile software used by researchers and clinicians for over a decade is now available for Windows!

This software tool can handle up to 26 channels of data.  Itâs just perfect for our multi-channel products and compatible with all of our ambulatory monitors including the MicroMini Motionloggers, the SleepWatch, Actillume, and PUCK Telemetry Systems.  Load up multiple data files for comparison and import ASCII data too.  Our file merge feature means there is no limit to the length of the time series you can analyze, and our search/edit and block/edit features let you clean up your data fast.

Analysis Features:

  • Sleep Scoring Supports all of AMI's validated algorithms.
  • Statistics Generate a chartable report, or export your selection for group analyses.
  • Circadian Tools Autocorrelation, Cosinor Analysis, Maximum Entropy Spectral Analysis, Fourier Transform, and Harmonic Analysis.
  • Intervals Choose manually or automatically divide any portion of the data into fixed time slices. Automatically set daily intervals for the same time each day. Report on individual intervals, all intervals or periods NOT in intervals.

Sample Data Display: